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NBT Bank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

In order to complete any kind of money transaction (domestically or internationally), the customer will be required to have the bank’s routing number. It can be easily found on a check Where to Find on a Check NBT Routing Number : 021303618   How to Wire Money If you have a NBT Bank online banking […]

NBT Bank Online Banking Login

Secure Login In order to login into your NBT Bank online banking account, go to the bank’s homepage and find the login area located on the left upper side of the page. Select the account type underneath the ‘Account Login’ section on the homepage (as shown on the image below). Choose between the  following account types that […]

NBT Bank – it history started in 1856. It was founded in Norwich, New York, where it still headquartered. It counts with more than 90 all over New York.

NBT Bank Homepage

NBT Bank Homepage

We combine experienced community bankers with the convenience of technology.

NBT Bank footprint

NBT Bank footprint



Since opening our doors in 1856, we have remained committed to providing our customers with superior banking services and helping to make the communities we serve a better place to live and work. We also believe that our greatest competitive advantage remains our people. Through their dedication we are able to enhance our ability to serve customers through relationship building, personalized banking solutions, local decision making and commitment to community initiatives.

As technology continues to change our world, consumer behavior is constantly evolving to keep pace. The expertise of our employees allows us to offer convenient services that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Services like Enhanced Deposit ATMs that enable customers to make deposits quickly and easily without a deposit slip; cashless, card payment options for in store or in app purchases using a mobile device; and a robust mobile banking platform with mobile deposit are just a few examples of our commitment to continue expanding digital service options for our customers.

Tradition of Community Service

Throughout our history we have supported numerous organizations and causes. In addition to financial support, NBT Bank employees contribute time and expertise to many local committees and boards. Community Involvement is a core value for NBT Bank and our staff. Employees are encouraged and empowered to volunteer and be a resource to their community. If something is important to the community, you’ll likely find the people of NBT Bank involved in and supporting the effort through time, money or resources.

NBT Bank operates through a network of more than 150 banking locations with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. We know our customers, communities and the people in them and are proud to be a partner helping them reach their goals.

Timeline of NBT Presidents & CEOs
From NBT’s beginnings in 1856 through the close of 2016,
14 individuals have led the bank and its holding company, NBT Bancorp Inc., which was formed in 1986.
James H. Smith
Nelson B. Hale
Burr B. Andrews
Warren Newton
T. DeWitt Miller
Howard D. Newton
1910 –1916
J. Bennett Turner
Otis A. Thompson
Everett A. Gilmour
Donald E. Stone
Joseph M. Butare
Daryl R. Forsythe
NBT Bank President & CEO and NBT Bancorp President & CEO, 1995–2000
NBT Bank CEO and NBT Bancorp President & CEO, 2000–2003
NBT Bancorp CEO, 2004–2005
Martin A. Dietrich
NBT Bank President, 2000–2003
NBT Bank President & CEO and NBT Bancorp President, 2004–2005
NBT Bank President & CEO and NBT Bancorp President & CEO, January 2006–May 2016
NBT Bank CEO and NBT Bancorp President & CEO, May 2016–December 2016
John H. Watt Jr.
2016–Present (as of publication)
NBT Bank President, May 2016–December 2016
NBT Bank President & CEO and NBT Bancorp President & CEO, December 2016