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To complete all kind of money transaction every user will be required to have the bank’s routing number. Routing Number 211274382 SWIFT Code BSMEUS33XXX Where to Find On Check How to Wire Money The best way Bangor Savings Bank recommends you to transfer funds is to do it online (if you have an online banking account) or […]

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Bangor Savings Bank offers a complete range of online financial services for its customers. It’s really easy to use and to enroll as well. If you already applied, you’ll be able to pay bills, check accounts balances, transfer funds, find branches..all that wherever you are, for free and 24/7. How to Login Go to the […]


Bangor Savings Bank – It was founded in 1852 in Bangor, Maine where it remains headquartered. It is the largest independent bank in Bangor and is worth over $2.8 billion in assets. It counts nowadays with more than 50 branch locations spread over Maine.


Bangor Savings Bank Homepage

Bangor Savings Bank Homepage

Our Bank

We’ve always known the banking business isn’t about money. It’s about trust. It’s about developing relationships and understanding what people want in their lives. And then finding ways to help them achieve it.

At Bangor Savings Bank, we are constantly working to give you banking solutions to help you succeed, from Free ATMs Worldwide† and Debit Mastercard Rewards to the latest online banking service.

As Maine’s largest independent bank, we’re totally committed to the communities, people and businesses of Maine. From York to Houlton, you’re more than a customer to us at Bangor Savings. You’re a neighbor. A neighbor we trust. A neighbor who we will do anything we can do to help.

† For certain international ATM withdrawals, due to technical limitations, we will automatically reimburse $3.00 of an ATM fee charged. In those instances where the fee exceeds $3.00, please bring your ATM transaction receipt to any Bangor Savings Bank branch for the remaining reimbursement. Please ask for further details before traveling abroad.

Community Support

It’s just the right thing to do.

At Bangor Savings Bank, we are committed to investing in the people and communities we serve. Making a real contribution takes innovation and action. It takes giving in ways that go beyond writing checks to non-profit organizations. It’s why our employees collectively donate thousands of service-hours a year to their communities. It’s why we support hundreds of causes throughout Northern New England and continue to help local organizations energize and enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive

Bangor Savings Bank is taking a step forward to make a difference in the lives of children and adults facing hunger. During the month of May, Bangor Savings Bank collects Peanut Butter and Jelly each year.

Foundation Grant Making

We believe giving back is a necessary part of doing business in the state of Maine. That’s why we donate our time, knowledge, skills and labor – as well as our money ­– to Maine organizations and communities. This year, our employees will give more than $100,000 to community causes and the Bank will give nearly $1 million.

At Bangor Savings Bank, we believe we must matter more in our communities: one, because it’s the right thing to do; and two, because we owe it to Maine and its people.

We are committed to helping improve the health, education, culture, and economy of our state. We are committed to making Maine an even better place to grow up in and put down roots in.

The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation

Philanthropy is a prominent aspect of our Community Investment efforts, and the most prominent centerpiece of our giving is the continuing work and contributions of The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation. The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation was created in 1997 to help fulfill our commitment to improving community life in Maine. Today, the Bank has chosen to improve the impact and coordination of its giving by channeling all major charitable contributions from the Bank through the Foundation’s grant-making process.

Corporate Giving

Our corporate charitable giving has a focus in the following areas: education, social and civic services, culture and arts, health and wellness.

Adding to the charitable momentum in Maine

The Bank is committed to the support of organizations and activities that advance community development and improve the quality of life in our Maine communities. Our corporate charitable giving has a focus in the following areas:


  • Initiatives that raise student aspirations at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.
  • Programs that transfer knowledge in specific skill sets such as public speaking and economics.
  • Initiatives that support education through dissemination of information.

Social and Civic Services

  • Activities directed at improving quality of life in the communities we serve.

Culture and Arts

  • Initiatives supporting creative arts that educate and entertain while providing a forum for local talent. Activities that enhance the role of art organizations as economic enterprises.

Health and Wellness

  • Unduplicated programs essential to the underlying medical care of a community.
  • Initiatives focusing on physical and mental wellness for people of all ages.

A United Way Supporter

  • Bangor Savings Bank is a long-term supporter and corporate contributor to United Way programs in Maine. The Bank also recognizes the importance of setting a positive example for Maine-based companies by supporting local rather than national charities with both corporate contributions and service commitments from its employees.
  • In 2011, Bangor Savings Bank employees contributed over $77,000 to United Ways state-wide through an all-employee campaign in the fall. The Bank’s corporate contribution to United Ways totaled $65,250 for the 2011 campaign.

Corporate Giving – Funding Application

To apply for funding, please submit a written request with a short summary of the project or program for which funding is sought. Send requests via email to or mail to:

Corporate Giving
c/o Bangor Savings Bank
P.O. Box 930
Bangor, Maine 04402

For additional information, call 1.877.Bangor1 (1.877.226.4671).

Community Development Investment

An initiative to maximize the effectiveness of institutional resources applied to address community concerns. Simply put, we make helping those in need a priority.

Community Development at Bangor Savings Bank illustrates our commitment to the communities we serve as well as our “You Matter More” promise. We approach community development through the execution of a purposeful and focused annual plan dedicated to fostering healthy communities, sustained economic growth, and the financial mobility for our citizens. We work collaboratively with the private and public sectors to identify and address needs, provide comprehensive and innovative financial solutions and attract and deploy capital for community investment. Our work aligns with the priorities of the Community Reinvestment Act – providing lending, financial services and financial investment to those most in need.


Board & Executives

Board of Directors

Chair of the Board
Dr. Robert A. Strong, CFA
University Foundation
Professor Emeritus
of Investment Education
University of Maine

Vice Chair of the Board
Gena R. Canning
Managing Partner
Pine State Trading Company

Robert S. Montgomery-Rice
President & CEO
Bangor Savings Bank

James J. Conlon
Past President & CEO
Bangor Savings Bank

Kathryn L. Barber
Civic Leader

George F. Eaton, Esq.
Associate General Counsel
Senior Governance Advisor
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems

Sari S. Greene
Sage Data Security

Charles E. Hewett, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer
The Jackson Laboratory

Scott A. Oxley
Senior Vice President
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems and
Acadia Hospital President

William D. Purington
Maine Drilling and Blasting 

Vincent P. Veroneau
President and Chief Executive Officer
J. B. Brown & Sons

Leadership Committee

President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert S. Montgomery-Rice

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer,
and Treasurer

Bruce G. Nickerson

Executive Vice President,
Chief Customer Experience Officer and Clerk

Joyce Clark Sarnacki

Executive Vice President
and Chief Commercial Officer
James O. Donnelly

Executive Vice President and
Chief New Hampshire Development Officer
Scott Cooper

Executive Vice President
and Chief Consumer Officer

Susan B. Snowden

Senior Vice President
and Chief Information Officer

Scott S. Blake

Senior Vice President
and Controller
Kenneth E. Colpritt

Senior Vice President
and Chief of Staff
Wendy L. Durrah

Senior Vice President
and Chief Risk Officer

Andrew J. Grover

Senior Vice President
and Director of Wealth Management
& Senior Trust Officer

Scott M. Kenney

Senior Vice President
and Chief Employee Experience Officer
Lannie D. Moffatt

Senior Vice President
and Chief Investment Officer
Chris J. Nelson

Senior Vice President
and Director of Mortgage Banking
Bruce C. Ocko

Senior Vice President
and Director of Sales and Revenue Strategy,
Bangor Payroll
Troy B. Dean

Senior Vice President
and Director of Commercial Banking
Gary A. Quintiliani

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