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Bank of America EDD Debit Card Login

How to Sign In Step 1 – In order to log in to your EDD Debit Card, go to the Bank of America EDD Debit Card Home Page. Find the login area located on the left upper side of the page (red square). Select the second line of underlined blue text which reads “First Time Visitor?” to […]

Bank of America Credit Cards – How to Apply

A Bank of America credit card can be applied for by an individual or company. There are more than 20 different cards with different benefits for you to choose the one that better applies to your needs. Main Menu Login Telephone – 1(800) 732-9194 Apply Status of Application Types of Cards Most Popular Cash Rewards Points Rewards Travel […]

Bank of America Online Banking Login

How to Login The Bank of America online banking login can be completed right in their homepage. Once you’re there, insert your Personal ID into the red square located on the left top of the page (see image below). Then you’ll be redirected to another page to insert your password. After filling in with all the required […]

Bank of America Routing Numbers and Wiring Instructions

In order to conduct a wire or transfer money domestically or internationally the sender and receiver will be required to have a Bank of America routing number. It’s easy to find on your check at the bottom left side : How to Wire Money Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing If you have an […]


Bank of America – founded in 1998 and headquartered  in Charlotte,NC. It was actually founded in 1904 under the name Bank of Italy. It counts with more than 5000 branches spread over the country. The company is considered the third biggest in the world and the secong largest holding company of the US.


Bank of America history & heritage

Bank of America Homepage

Bank of America Homepage

Heritage isn’t just about history. It’s about people and their stories. The stories that shape who we are, tell where we’ve been and show where we’re going. At Bank of America, our history covers more than two centuries and includes people who helped to shape life as we know it in this country. The stories of our history and heritage connect us to some of the greatest achievements and advancements of all time, and we’re proud to share them.

“ Bank of America has been helping connect people to what is most important to them for more than 200 years. What endures is our commitment to our customers, clients and communities, rooted in the knowledge that our success is intrinsically connected to theirs. ”- Brian T. Moynihan, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of America

Featured stories

The Bank of Nantucket helped grow a thriving whaling industry on Nantucket Island and played a role in several events that made the island famous.

Chicago fireBank of America’s oldest heritage bank in Chicago was instrumental in developing Chicago during its population boom and the rebuilding of the city after the Great Fire.

The first nationally licensed credit card program, BankAmericard, expanded around the globe and was eventually renamed Visa.

Women’s DepartmentThe country’s first banking department by and for women in San Francisco allowed women to manage their finances independently.

Our roots

Our roots, from 1784 to 1850, are set in stories of our earliest heritage members and their roles in the evolution of a young United States. Learn about the making of the national anthem, the survival of our capital through the War of 1812, the discovery of comets, building a foundation for economic growth and more.

The rise of industry

Between 1850 and 1900, the American Industrial Revolution sparked enormous social, political and economic advancement throughout the country. Our heritage includes stories of people who played a significant part in these events, from the making of great cities to revitalization after the Civil War to the vision of enterprising young bankers and beyond.

The modern era

From 1900 to 1950, our country entered the modern era, a time when our heritage stories tell of rapid progress with political and economic advancements. From Hollywood filmmakers to bridge engineers to the London stage, our legacy of people in support of innovation is rich.

Technology & innovations

In the half-century from 1950 to 2000, our heritage stories tell of people whose revelatory achievements led to technological advancement and international expansion. Learn about the advent of automated banking, the world’s first electronic recording machine–accounting (ERMA) system, the development of magnetic-ink character recognition (MICR) and more.


As of April 16, 2018, we operate in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and more than 35 countries. Our retail banking footprint covers approximately 80 percent of the U.S. population, and we serve approximately 47 million consumer and small business relationships with approximately 4,500 retail financial centers, approximately 16,000 ATMs, and leading online and mobile banking platforms with approximately 36 million active accounts and more than 25 million mobile active users.

We offer industry-leading support to approximately three million small business owners. Our wealth management businesses, with client balances of approximately $2.5 trillion, provide tailored solutions to meet client needs through a full set of investment management, brokerage, banking, trust and retirement products. We are a global leader in corporate and investment banking and trading across a broad range of asset classes serving corporations, governments, institutions and individuals around the world.


Bank of America Leaders

Brian Moynihan | Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Brian Moynihan leads a team of more than 200,000 employees dedicated to making financial lives better for people, companies of every size, and institutional investors across the United States and around the world.

Dean Athanasia | President, Preferred and Small Business Co-head, Consumer

Dean Athanasia is president of Preferred and Small Business and co-head of Consumer at Bank of America and is a member of the company’s executive management team. His team is responsible for providing 67 million Bank of America clients in the United States a full range of financial products and services.

Catherine P. Bessant | Chief Operations and Technology Officer

Catherine P. Bessant is chief operations and technology officer at Bank of America, and is a member of the company’s executive management team. Since 2010, Bessant has led Global Technology and Operations (GT&O) and delivered end-to-end technology and operating services across the company through nearly 95,000 employees.

Sheri B. Bronstein | Global Human Resources Executive

Sheri B. Bronstein is the global human resources executive for Bank of America and a member of the company’s executive management team. In this role, Bronstein leads a global team of human resources professionals responsible for recruiting, leadership development, learning, compensation, benefits, diversity and inclusion.

Paul M. Donofrio | Chief Financial Officer

Paul M. Donofrio is chief financial officer at Bank of America, with responsibility for the overall financial management of the company, including accounting, balance sheet management, financial planning and analysis, corporate treasury, investor relations, corporate investments and tax.

Anne M. Finucane | Vice Chairman

Anne M. Finucane is vice chairman at Bank of America and a member of the company’s executive management team. She is responsible for the strategic positioning of Bank of America and leads the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. As part of this, she focuses on the company’s outreach to shareholders.

Geoffrey S. Greener | Chief Risk Officer

Geoffrey S. Greener is chief risk officer of Bank of America. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s governance and strategy for global risk management and compliance, including relationships with key regulators and supervisory institutions worldwide. Greener is a member of the company’s executive management team

Christine P. Katziff | Corporate General Auditor

Christine P. Katziff is the corporate general auditor of Bank of America and a member of the company’s executive management team. She leads a global team responsible for providing independent assessments of the company’s business strategies, operations, risk framework, financial management and credit standards.

Terry Laughlin | Vice Chairman, Head of Global Wealth and Investment Management

Terry Laughlin is vice chairman of Bank of America Corporation, and a member of the company’s executive management team. His responsibilities include oversight of the company’s Global Wealth and Investment Management division, which includes Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, U.S. Trust, and Retirement and Personal Wealth…

David G. Leitch | Global General Counsel

David G. Leitch is global general counsel for Bank of America, responsible for overseeing the company’s legal functions around the world. Based in Charlotte, he is a member of the bank’s executive management team.

Thomas K. Montag | Chief Operating Officer

Thomas K. Montag is chief operating officer of Bank of America and is a member of the company’s executive management team. In this role, he is responsible for all of the businesses that serve companies and institutional investors, including middle- market commercial and large corporate clients, and institutional investor clients,

Thong M. Nguyen | President, Retail Banking Co-head, Consumer

Thong Nguyen is president of Bank of America’s Retail Banking business and is a member of the company’s executive management team. He also leads Bank of America’s Enterprise Payments strategy and is the San Francisco-East Bay area president.

Andrea B. Smith | Chief Administrative Officer

Andrea B. Smith is Bank of America’s chief administrative officer (CAO) and a member of the company’s executive management team. Smith leads global functions and businesses that drive responsible growth and the company’s customer-focused strategy.

Bruce R. Thompson | Vice Chairman

Bruce R. Thompson is a member of Bank of America’s executive management and Global Banking and Markets leadership teams.

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