Comerica Bank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

In order to conduct a wire or transfer money domestically or internationally the sender will be required to have a Comerica Bank Routing Number:

  • 121137522 (AZ)
  • ​​121137522 (CA)
  • ​067012099 (FL)
  • ​072000096 (MI)
  • ​111000753 (TX)

Where to Find on a Check

It can be easily found on a check. It’s the first 9 digit number located on the bottom of the check.

Comerica Bank Check

Comerica Bank Check

Comerica Bank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

How to Wire Money

In order to transfer funds, the best way Comerica Bank recommends is to go to the nearest branch location with the following information;

Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

  • Bank Name
  • Routing Number
  • Address of Bank
  • Creditor’s Name
  • Creditor’s Account Number

International Wire – Up to 7 Days for Processing

  • Swift Code – MNBDUS4D
  • Routing Number
  • Customer’s Name
  • Customer’s Account Number


Order Comerica checks

Choose from the following options to order your checks:

1. Order online

Order checks safely and conveniently online through Harland Clarke, Comerica’s check printing provider.  Use the link to the right to access the Harland Clarke website, where you can request to:

  • Reorder checks with no changes
  • Reorder checks with changes including quantity and style
  • Order deposit slips or other accessories

The cost of your order will be charged to your checking account after the order is sent. Be prepared to provide your routing and account numbers, which are found on the bottom of your checks.

2. Order checks through Comerica Web Banking®

  • Log into Comerica Web Banking
  • Choose the Self Service tab in the navigation menu across the top of the page
  • Select “Reorder Checks/Deposit Slips” under the Account Services section

3. Order checks by phone

Please call the appropriate telephone number associated with the state where you opened your account in the table below.

State Telephone number
Arizona 800.522.2265
California 800.522.2265
Florida 800.266.3742
Michigan 800.266.3742
Texas 800.925.2160
All other states 800.266.3742

4. Visit a Comerica banking center

You can also order checks by visiting a Comerica banking center.

Security Commitment

Our Commitment to Your Security.

At Comerica, we’re committed to keeping your accounts and personal information as secure as possible. Our online banking systems use various methods, tools, and processes to accomplish this, including:

Encryption:  Once you begin the login process, the exchange of information over the Internet is encrypted. This means the information is scrambled in such a way that it cannot be read by anyone other than you and Comerica.

Automatic Logoff: If no action is taken for a preset interval, your session will be automatically terminated and you will be logged off.

Authentication:  Some systems may require enhanced authentication from time to time to verify a user’s credentials or activity.

Dual approval:  Some systems may require one individual to initiate a payment and a second individual to approve it.

Constant Monitoring: We monitor our systems to prevent any potential problems that could compromise security or privacy.

For information on how you can protect yourself or your business, including computer safety and security best practices, visit our Fraud Center.

Special Fraud Alert

Reports of Malware and Fraudulent ACH and Wire Payments

Infected websites or emails with infected links are causing a wave of cyber fraud activity. Protect your computers and your organization.

Important to remember

  • Comerica will never request an individual to provide a second person’s login credentials in any of our online systems (eg., ID, password, PIN, token code). If you are asked to enter additional credentials or get locked out of your online session – STOP, and report it to Comerica Treasury Management Relationship Services at 800.852.3649.
  • Never allow a second person to use your computer or enter their login credentials on your computer. For dual approval of payments, the second individual entitled to approve the payment must do so from a different device and with their own login credentials.
  • Check your ACH and wire accounts for unauthorized transactions.


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