LGE Credit Union Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

Where to Find on a Check

In order to conduct a wire or transfer money domestically or internationally the sender will be required to have a LGE Credit Union routing number :


The routing number is the first 9 digit number located on the bottom of the check.

LGE Credit Union check

LGE Credit Union check


How to Wire Money

In order to transfer funds, the best way LGE recommends is to do it online or go to the nearest branch location. Both ways you’ll be required to have the following information:

It must be completed until 1 PM.

Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

Bank Name
Routing Number
Address of Bank
Creditor’s Name
Creditor’s Account Number


LGE Credit Union Checking

Choose the LGE account that fits you best: High Rewards Checking, Simply Checking, or a youth checking account.

Get these benefits:

Pays 2.00% APY**
1% cash back checking reward on purchases made with an LGE Credit Card***
No minimum balance
A refund of all non-LGE ATM fees****
Free Online and Mobile Banking, Mobile Apps, and Memberline (24-hour automated phone banking system)
Free Bill Pay
Free checks for members 60 and up*****
Free notary service and signature guarantees (by appointment only)

Meet these qualifications:

It’s easy! Most people already do these things in their every day banking!

Receive eStatements in lieu of paper statements.
Have at least one monthly direct deposit into the account or one monthly automatic payment from the account.*
Perform any combination of 15 or more LGE debit card and/or LGE credit card transactions that post during the month with an aggregate total of $500 or more (excluding ATM transactions and credit card cash advances).

Membership eligibility and base savings account that keeps a $5 minimum balance required.
Qualifications and rewards may change at any time. LGE Community Credit Union reserves the right to modify or cease products offered at any time.
* Transfers between LGE accounts and Bill Pay transactions do not satisfy this requirement.
** APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Refer to the Checking Rates page for additional conditions.
*** Cash back checking reward is based on your LGE credit card net spend. Net spend consists of eligible purchases made during the calendar month, not during the credit card billing cycle. Excluded transactions include, but are not limited to, insurance payments, fees assessed, cash advances, balance transfers, and interest paid. Posted credits, unauthorized charges, and items returned during the calendar month may decrease the amount of net spend eligible for cash back. Cash back checking reward is posted on the first business day of each month for prior month activity. Accounts and loans that become and/or remain in delinquent status may not be eligible for cash back checking reward. LGE Credit Card must be on the same account as your High Rewards Checking to be eligible for the cash back checking reward. This benefit is available when High Rewards Checking qualifications are met; ask our staff or visit the Checking webpage for details. Cash back checking reward percentage is variable and subject to change without notice.
**** This benefit is available if you meet the qualifications described above. Refers only to Non-LGE ATM Fee; does not include Surcharge Fee assessed by ATM Operator. See Fee Schedule for additional information about the Non-LGE ATM Fee.
***** Free check offer applies only to one box of duplicate Gray Smoke Alliance style checks per year for your eligible checking account. CheckProtect shipping fee and taxes apply to all check orders. Your LGE checking account will be debited within 10 days after shipment.

Simply Checking
A checking account for those who want to keep it simple.

No minimum balance
No monthly fee for a Visa® debit card
Free eStatements
Free online and mobile banking, mobile apps, and Memberline (24-hour automated phone banking system)
Free Bill Pay
Free checks for members 60 and up*
No per-check fees
Free notary service and signature guarantees (by appointment only)

Reordering Checks

To reorder checks, please log in to Online Banking and choose “Reorder Checks” from the “Account Services” widget. You can also contact us at 770-424-0060.

Overdraft Protection
Basic Overdraft Protection

Choose overdraft protection for your checking account from your Savings, Personal Line of Credit, or a combination of the two.
Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is a service that allows us to pay an ACH or check item presented against your checking account even if it causes the account to become overdrawn. It allows LGE Community Credit Union to provide a higher level of service to you by helping to protect your account and reputation when an inadvertent overdraft occurs.

Courtesy Pay for ATM or Debit transactions is a service we provide with your affirmation. It allows us to pay ATM or Debit card transactions presented against your checking account even if they cause the account to become overdrawn. Click here for additional information.

The Courtesy Pay limit includes any overdraft fees assessed.

More Information on Courtesy Pay

If the account has been open and maintained in good standing, defined as A) Making regular deposits sufficient to cover transactions; B) Bringing the account to a positive balance at least once every thirty days or less, and; C) There are no legal orders outstanding on your account, we may, at our sole discretion, pay overdrafts up to the limits mentioned above, including our normal Non-Sufficient Funds or Courtesy Pay charge(s). Whether we pay or return an item, your account will be assessed a fee, either as a Courtesy Pay charge or a Non-Sufficient Funds charge, but you will not be charged both fees. Our current charge per item is $30, which may be changed with prior notice to you.

Courtesy Pay offers additional flexibility and convenience in managing accountholder funds, and provides peace of mind knowing that items may be paid up to the authorized overdraft limit. Using Courtesy Pay may be more costly than other overdraft payment options we may offer. Please speak to a representative to see if you qualify.

This non-contractual courtesy of paying overdrafts requires no accountholder action after you opt in. No additional agreements need to be signed, and it costs nothing unless the privilege is used – by initiating checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card withdrawals, or other payment or withdrawal requests for more than is on deposit in the account. If you maintain the account in good standing and have need for this “courtesy”, we may, at our sole discretion, pay the item(s) up to the authorized limit, and we will charge the account our normal Non-Sufficient Funds or Courtesy Pay charge for each item that overdraws the account. You then have up to 30 days to bring the account current.

Although you are not charged for using Courtesy Pay unless you have an overdraft, you may opt out of Courtesy Pay at any time. If you do not want us to pay your overdrafts, you must tell us (“opt out”). If you receive a direct deposit of your social security or other federal benefit check, you must opt out if you do not want us to apply those funds to repay an overdraft. To opt out of Courtesy Pay, contact us at 770-424-0060.

Additional information is found in your account agreement. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call us at 770-424-0600.

Courtesy Pay is not currently available at CU Service Centers or for HSA Checking Accounts.

Not all members will qualify for Courtesy Pay; in such cases, LGE Community Credit Union’s normal non-sufficient funds policy applies.

Personal Loans

Personal Loan. Personal Line of Credit. Secured Loan. You’ve come to the right place! As a credit union, we can offer some of the most affordable rates around.

Personal Line of Credit

Write yourself a loan any time, for anything. You can use your Personal Line of Credit for emergency expenses, unexpected purchases, overdraft protection on your checking account, debt consolidation and more. Our line of credit also offers:

No application fee
Quick application and approval
Pay no interest until funds are used
Loans from $1,000 – $25,000
Easy funds availability:
Draw funds using free credit line checks, Online Banking, or Memberline (24-Hour Automated Phone Banking System).
Use any ATM machine offering line of credit withdrawals when you need cash.
Use as overdraft protection for your LGE Community Credit Union checking account
Optional Debt Protection for additional peace of mind

Secured Loans

With our Share or Certificate Secured Loan, you can build credit and save on interest by borrowing against the money in your savings account or Certificate of Deposit*.

No application fee
Quick application and approval
Only 2% above the current savings rate (if secured against your share account)
Only 2% over the certificate dividend rate or the same certificate’s current offered rate – whichever is greater
Optional Debt Protection for additional peace of mind

* Bump Rate Certificates cannot be used as collateral on a Certificate Secured Loan.

Payment Options

A variety of convenient options are available to you

Automatic transfer from any account using ACH.

Download the ACH authorization form.

Transfer from your LGE account.

Use Online Banking or the Memberline Automated Phone Banking System.

By mail to: LGE, P.O. Box 1188, Marietta, GA 30061

Online or by phone using funds from another institution.

Make a payment by phone 770-424-0060. Make a payment online.

There is a $7.50 charge to use this method. You can use a debit or credit card, or transfer from a checking account.

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